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Our Shine My Ride Window Tint Service is one of the most professional tint shops in the area.
We guarantee the film against cracking, peeling, bubbling, or turning purple for as long as you own your car. Warranty does not cover damage due to neglect or user error. There will be a small labor charge after one year from installation to be determined on what needs to be done on the car. We have two types of tint. We offer both Carbon (which is on 90% of cars) and Ceramic. The description of the two films are below:
  • Carbon Window Film does not interfere with cell phone usage, GPS or satellite radio like other cheaper films. It comes in a smoke color and does a great job at blocking the sun’s UV rays and keeping the interior of the car cooler. Thus helping keep your interior looking newer longer because the sun fades plastic, leather and upholstery.
  • Ceramic Window Film is the most expensive but highest quality of window film. It does not contain carbon but instead a kind of ceramic particle that is both nonconductive and nonmetallic. Thus it does not interfere with cell phone usage, GPS or satellite radio. It is also scratch resistant and amazingly cuts the heat index in the car up to 70%! Ceramic tint is the best type of tint for people that really want to have a huge resistance to glare and fading, and makes windows highly shatter-proof.

Carbon Window Film

  • Sedans and Coupes - $200
  • SUV/Mini-Vans All Windows - $275 and up
  • 2 Front Windows Only - $85
  • Front Strip - $55
  • Entire Front Windshield-$120
  • Tint Removal - $125 and up

Ceramic Window Film

  • Sedans and Coupes - $325
  • Entire Front Windshield-$220
  • SUV/Mini-Vans All Windows - $375 and up
  • 2 Front Windows Only - $175
With Shine My Ride you get to choose the percentage of darkness you can get on your tint at no extra charge! The lower the number the darker the window film.
We offer the following window tint film percentages.
  • 70%
  • 50%
  • 40%
  • 30%
  • 20%
  • 15%
  • 5%

Maryland State Law on
Window Tinting

The 35% Window Tint Law in Maryland means that the TOTAL amount of light being transmitted through the glass of a motor vehicle cannot be less than 35%. In other words, it doesn't make any difference what percentage the actual window tinting film is rated at, you still cannot exceed 35% total Light Transmittance Value (LTV).
The problem here is that many people purchase a window tint film that is rated at 35% and think it's automatically okay to put it on their car windows. A 35% window film will guarantee you that your vehicle will be illegal, and here's why:
  • ALL vehicles come from the factory with a certain percentage of tinting incorporated into the glass. In most cases it blocks out approximately 20% of the available light, which means that 80% is still passing through. That is an LTV of 80%, and there's no problem there.
  • An aftermarket window tint film rated at 35% means that the film allows 35% of the available light to pass through, and blocks out 65%. (This is known as 35% LTV Film) And again, there's no problem with that.
Here's where the trouble begins. When you place a 35% window tint film over a vehicle window that is already blocking out 20% of the available light, you have now reduced the LTV to 28%, which does not meet the Maryland LTV requirement. Why is it now 28%? Because you started with a piece of glass that was already blocking out 20% of the available light, and you are now placing a 35% tinting material on a piece of glass that only had 80% available light to start with. (.35 x 80 = 28%). That means you are now blocking out 72% of the available light, leaving only 28% to pass through.

We want you understand the law completely because there are many Window Tint Shops out there who are telling their customers that a 35% window tint film placed on their vehicle glass is legal. Additionally, many shops will just tint your windows without even telling you what is, and what is not legal in Maryland.

To be safe, we recommend 50% window film to ensure you are legal (.50 x 80 = 40%). That means you are now blocking out 64% of the available light, leaving 40% to pass through which is legal in the state of Maryland.

Call today for an appointment we require 24 hours advance scheduling and get your car looking sleek and sophisticated with Shine My Ride Window Tinting service!