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We come to you mobile detailing service for a flat fee of $50.00 within 25 miles of our shop zip code of 20705.
  • Cars

    Price: $265

  • Small SUV/Crossover/Wagon

    Price: $285

  • Reg. SUV

    Price: $295

  • Large SUV

    Price: $320

  • XL

    Price: $345

Executive Detail Estimated Time (4-6 hours)

(This package includes a 3 step exterior process by machine that involves Claying, polishing, glazing and a Synthetic Paint Sealant Polish applied by machine, plus headliner and engine shampoo.)

  • A Clay Bar is used during the hand wash to safely and quickly remove all these contaminants and restores crystal-clear reflections and slickness. Instantly, paint is restored to a smooth-as-glass finish and is ready for paint sealant protection to be added.
  • Application of polish and glaze to remove oxidation, clean paint to assist with any clear coat failure and damage
  • A paint sealant is applied by buffer to protect the paint from environmental fallout, acid rain and the sun’s UV rays. During this process, light oxidation will be removed and a brilliant shine will be left as we simultaneously polish the exterior. The paint sealant protects the vehicles paint for up to six months!
  • Door, trunk jambs and gas cap area cleaned
  • Vehicle wheels, wheel wells and tires scrubbed clean
  • Bug splatter and road grime removed from grill and bumper
  • Tires and wheel wells dressed
  • Engine is cleaned, degreased and then dressed to promote coolness and a great shine
  • Full vacuum of interior carpets, mats, seats including between seats and trunk
  • Carpet, mats and upholstery pre-spotted, hand shampooed, and deep cleaned by steam machine if necessary
  • Leather and vinyl seats cleaned by hand and then conditioned to prolong soft and suppleness
  • Interior and Exterior windows, mirrors and gauges cleaned
  • Dashboard, center console, cup holders, door panels, door pockets cleaned
  • Special attention paid to cracks, crevices and vents by removing dust, dirt and grime
  • Headliner (interior roof and sides) spot scrubbed by hand to remove dirt and hair particles
  • For $25.00 Additional get protection up to a 18 months with a 2nd coat synthetic coat!
  • Add a Ceramic Spray Coating instead of Paint Sealant (Click Here)